With mild formula, it is a 2-layers remover with water and oil layers, removes eye and lip makeup effortlessly for deep cleaning, yet gives gentle care for the fragile skin of eye and lip region. it can also be used to remove facial makeup, leaving skin clean and fresh without tight feeling. 配方温和,水油双层质地,轻松卸除眼部,唇部彩妆,深层清洁,轻柔呵护眼部,唇部脆弱肌肤,亦可用于卸除面部底妆,用后肌肤洁净清爽不紧绷。

Mild Eye And Lip Makeup Remover

  • Usage

    Shake well before use. Take an appropiate amount with cotton pad, apply to the eye, lip and other makeup region for a few seconds, then gently wipe the region