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Effectively lighten spots and improve overall skin condition. Improvements after 2 months. 有效淡斑祛斑和改善肤质。2个月后会有明显改善。



Bundle includes

1 Makeup Remover 卸妆水 120ml

1 Facial Cleanser 洁面膏 120g

1 Extreme Balance Lotion 平衡水 150ml

1 Fairy Eye Cream 眼霜 20g

1 Youth Concentrate Essense 青春精华 35ml

1 Whitening Smoothing Cream 莹润面霜 30g

1 Noble Lady Cream 贵妇膏 38g

1 Night Freckle Cream 去斑霜 50g

1 Sunblock 防嗮隔离乳 50g

1 Brightening Mask Set 焕颜蚕丝面膜 (10pcs)