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产品说明:温和轻柔的洁净眼部及脸部彩妆、 污垢和老废的多余角质,缔造清爽澄净的肌 肤;蕴含植物萃取保湿成分,在清洁的同时 不带走肌肤水分,让洗净后的肌肤仍有润泽; 全新配方,清爽不油腻,水润不紧绷,让肌 肤晓享舒适的卸妆体验。
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It gently cleanses the makeup and dirt on the eyes and face, and mildly exfoliate to purify the skin. With a variety of moisturizing plant extracts, .t cleanses the skin without stripping skin moisture, leaving it lustrous and hydrated. The new formula is refreshing, moisturizing and non-greasy, letting the skin enjoy the comfortable makeup removing experience.
使用方法:取适量于掌心或者化妆棉,也可 直接喷于面部,在脸部以螺旋状涂抹开,待 卸妆水与彩妆及污垢充分融合后,用清水或 温水充分清洗。
USAGE: Dispense the proper amount of the product with the cotton pad or palm, or spray on the face directly, then spirally smear it on the face. When the makeup remover is fully fused with makeup and dirt, rinse the face with clean water or warm water.
STORAGE METHOD: Please avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, and keep out of reach of children.

Blooming Vitality Makeup Remover 卸妆水