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Brightening Crystal Clear Series Travel Size 雪颜晶透系列小样

TONER 爽肤水 20ml

SERUM 精华 5ml

CREAM 膏 5g

Brightening Crystal Clear Series Travel Size 雪颜晶透系列小样


    Brightening Crystal Clear Toner 20ml


    雪颜晶透亮肤水 20ml


    产品说明:质地清爽,轻盈渗透至肌底,为肌肤 温和补水的同时,舒缓肌肤,提亮肤色,采用生 物发酵技术,为肌肤注入营养水分,有效改善粗 糙暗沉肤质,深层唤醒无瑕透亮美肌,日复一日, 肌肤更加纯净细腻。 

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: With fresh and lightweight texture, it is absorbed well into the deep skin layer, and can gently, yet effectively hydrate the skin, leaving skin feeling relieved and brightened. Adopt bio-fermentation technology for the skin nutrient replenishment, which can visibly improve shiv dullness and roughness to waken the flawless and radiant skin. Day after day, skin becomes more pure and delicate 


    Brightening Crystal Clear Serum 5ml


    雪颜晶透亮精华液 5ml


    产品说明:精选珍贵亮肤精华成分,一抹 顷刻沁入肌肤,从肌底改善肌肤粗糙暗沉, 提升肌肤的饱满度与光泽度,采用多重修 护技术,调理修护,均匀肤色,令肌肤匀 亮通透,纯净细腻。


    DESCRIPTION: Formulated with precious brightening essence旧gradients which absorb into skin immediately upon application, helps to improve skin roughness and dullness from the deep layer, leaving skin a plump and radiant looking, multiple recovery technology, helps to adjust skin pH and even skin tone tor a clear, supple and purified effect 


    Brightening Crystal Clear Cream 5g


    雪颜晶透亮肤霜 5克


    产品说明:轻盈乳霜质地,触感丝滑,滋润不油腻有效改善肤色不均, 净化肌底提亮肤色,同时滋养肌肤,让肌肤整日莹润亮泽富有弹性, 由内而外明亮动人,纯净细腻


    DESCRIPTION: Light creamy texture, silky touching, moist but not greasy formula, If helps purify skin and even skin tone, while hydrating skin, leaving skin hydrated, brightened, elastic and supple all day. Bright and charming from inside Out