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Set purchase comes with 3 Sunblock 5g, 1 Facial Cleanser 5g and Brightening and Refreshing Mask 2pcsIndividual purchase comes with Free Sunblock Travel Size套装赠送3支小样隔离,1支小洁面膏和2片焕白蚕丝面膜单买赠送防晒隔离乳5g

Brightening Liminous Series 雪颜透白系列

  • Brightening Luminous Toner 150ml

    雪颜透白亮肤水 150ml


    产品说明:质地清爽,轻盈渗透至肌底,为肌肤 温和补水的同时,舒缓肌肤,提亮肤色,采用生 物发酵技术,为肌肤注入营养水分,有效改善粗 糙暗沉肤质,深层唤醒无瑕透亮美肌,日复一日, 肌肤更加纯净细腻。 

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: With fresh and lightweight texture, it is absorbed well into the deep skin layer, and can gently, yet effectively hydrate the skin, leaving skin feeling relieved and brightened. Adopt bio-fermentation technology for the skin nutrient replenishment, which can visibly improve shiv dullness and roughness to waken the flawless and radiant skin. Day after day, skin becomes more pure and delicate 


    成分:库拉索芦荟(ALOE BARBADENSIS) 叶汁、水、丁二醇、稻米发酵产物滤液、莲 (NELUMBO NUCIFE尺A)籽提取物、甘油、 1,2-戊二醇、凝血酸、水解蜂王浆蛋白、假交替 单胞菌发酵产物提取物、辛甘醇、马齿觅 (PORTULACA OLERACEA)提取物、聚谷氨 酸钠、PEG/PPG/聚丁二醇-8/5/3甘油、生育酚 (维生素E)、海藻糖、透明质酸钠、己二醇、 PCA钠、辛酞轻厉酸、 ED丁A二钠、聚季钱盐 -51、三醋精、PEG-40氢化蓖麻油、PPG-1一 PEG-P月桂二醇醚、椰油醇聚醚-7、香精


    INGREDIENTS: aloe barbadensis leaf juice, water, butyleve glycol,rice ferment filtrate jsake), nelumbo nucifera seed extract, glycerin, pentylene glycol, tranexamic acid, hydrolyzed royal jelly protein pseudoalteromonas ferment extract, caprylyl glycol portulaca oleracea eotract,00dium polyglatamate, peg/ppg/polybstylene glycol-815/3 glycerin, ocopher-01, trehalose,sodium hyaluronate, heoylene glycol, sodism pca, caprylhydroxamic acid,disodium edta, polyquaterniam-51, triacetin, peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, ppg-1-peg-g lauryl glycol ether, coceth-7, parfum


    使用方法:洁面后,以化妆棉或手掌沾取适量, 轻轻拍打全脸及颈部直至吸收。


    USAGE: After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to cotton pad or palm, gently pat onto face and neck until it is absorbed 适用肤质:适用于各类肤质。 APPLICABLE SCOPE: All kinds of skin 

  • Brightening Instant Glow Serum 50ml


    产品说明: 精选多种珍稀亮肤精华,表层提亮,深层焕亮,有效改善暗沉,肤色不均,瑕疵等问题;同时润养肌底,提升自身防御力,肌肤细腻弹润。长期使用,肌肤雪润透亮,更显光感活力。



    Evens and perfects skin, 2 weeks to reveal lustrous younger look

    22.11% Brightening factors comples, effectively combats dullness, one bottle to start self illuminating mode

    Brightening Ingredients penetrate skin for increased luminosity, multi- demensionally accelerate renewal, awaken translucent glowing skin


    Lightweight emulsion texture is instantly absorbed, fresh and moisturizing, provides lasting moisture and luster, all matching and suitable for different skin types


    Scientifically brightens skin from 5-dimension, precisiely targets pigmentation for brightening from inside out
    1.Inhibits dullness in skin botton, preventing melanin formation.
    2.Prevents deposition transmission, disintegrating dark deposits
    3.Gently exfoliates acne marks and flaws, re-boosting moisture luster
    4.Strengthen barrier by anti-oxidation, resisting pollution damage
    5.Overall accelerates renewal and brightens layer by layer. revealing flawless luster


    After cleasing and toning, apply evenly on to face and neck, gently massage by lifting movement until absorbed.

  • Brightening Luminous Cream 38g

    雪颜透白亮肤霜 38克


    产品说明:轻盈乳霜质地,触感丝滑,滋润不油腻有效改善肤色不均, 净化肌底提亮肤色,同时滋养肌肤,让肌肤整日莹润亮泽富有弹性, 由内而外明亮动人,纯净细腻


    DESCRIPTION: Light creamy texture, silky touching, moist but not greasy formula, If helps purify skin and even skin tone, while hydrating skin, leaving skin hydrated, brightened, elastic and supple all day. Bright and charming from inside Out


    使用方法:取适量本品均匀抹于面部及颈部肌肤,用指腹轻轻按摩至吸收 即刊


    USAGE: Apply a proper amount to face and neck skin evenly, gently massage with finger pulp until it is absorbed 适用肤质:适用于各类肤质。


    APPLICABLE SCOPE: All kinds of skin


    成分:水、丁二醇、二苯基甲硅烷氧基苯基聚三甲基硅氧烷、角登烷、莲 (NELUMBO NUCIFERA)籽提取物、稻米发酵产物滤液、甘油、氢化 棕搁油、鲸蜡硬脂醉、矿脂、凝血酸、PEG-30氢化蓖麻油、鲸蜡醉乙基 己酸酷、甘油硬脂酸醋、硬脂酸、1.2-戊二醇、水解蜂王浆蛋白、 PEG一甘油硬脂酸醋、甘草酸二钾、蜂蜡、己二醇、卡波姆、氢氧化减 EDTA二钠、辛酷轻肪酸、香墉


    INGREDIENTS: water, butylene glycol, diphenylsiloxy phenyl Irirnethl cone, squalane nelumbo nucifera seed extract, rice ferment nitrate (sake), glycerin, hydrogenated palm oil, Cetearyl alcohol, petrolatum, tranexamic acid, peg-30 hydrogenated castor oil, cetyl ethylhexanoate, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid pentylene glycol, hydro}yaed roya] jelly protein, peg-5 glyceryl stearate, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, beeswax, hexylene glycol, Carbomer, potassium hydroxide, disodium edta, caprylhydrxoamic acid, parfum