Multi-Effect Firming Mask 多效紧致面膜


    多效紧致两部曲面膜 (5片/盒)


    STEP1: YEAST SERUM Fresh Texture allows for easy absorption into deep skin layers to repair and rejuvenate skin. release abundant firming essence to norish skin, even dry and fine lines, leaving skin elastic, plump, smooth and supple to reveal a youthful appearance.


    STEP2: MULTI-EFFECT FIRMING MASK Unique biomass graphene mask cloth: Healthy and environmentally friendly, soft, breathable and comfortably fit on the face. Works with yeast serum to absorb dirt and other impurities on the skin. Helps to enhance permeation of mask nutrients into the skin. Leaves skin even toned, delicate, smooth and radiant.

    Lotion formula: Contains multiple firming essence ingredients which permeate deep into the skin to improve saggy and rough skin conditions and helps to even up fine and dry line lines, while providing nourishment, leaving skin plump, firm, smooth and supple.


    Usage: After cleansing face, apply yeast serum to the face and gently massage to aid absorbtion. Then take out mask and unfold it.. Apply to face and gently press to git snugly. Leave on for 15to20mins. Then remove mask and massage face until remaining serum is absorbed