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Cleanser 洁面膏 120g, Toner 爽肤水 150ml, Essence 精华 50ml


Strong Multi Effect Cleanser

Deeply cleanse dirt, unblock pores, mildly cleanses the skin, balance oil and moisture, replenish water content, refreshing but not tight


Strong Multi Effect Toner

Plant extract and oil control, balance excess oil, refreshing, moisturising, open the skin replenishment channel and recharge the moisturising power. Light and non-greasy. Easily absorbed, long lasting and keeps skin well hydrated.


Strong Multi Effect Essence

Effective Penetration, deep nourishing, boost skin's vitality. Unique biofunctional components, stabilising and activating, strengthening skin resistance, revitalising vigor and radiance.

Strong Multi-Effect for Men Series 男士多效爽劲系列