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Double moisturising cream that hydrates, activates, rejuvenates, moisturises, effectively replenishes water and creates hydrated skin



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Ultimate Brightening Smoothing Cream 臻致莹润面霜

  • Ultimate Brightening Smoothing Cream 30g

    臻致莹润面霜 30克

    Double moisturizing cream that hydrates, activates, rejuvenates, moisturizes, effectively replenishes water and creates hydrated skin.

    Repairs dull and dry skin for clear and smooth appearance and replenishes water 24-hour to thoroughly get rid of dullness and roughness!

    Ice cream texture is delicate, easy to absorb, and non-sticky, deeply moisturizing, restoring smooth, hydrated and bright skin.

    It contains rare essences such as yeast extract and glycyrrhiza glabra. Using it regularly will leave skin brightened and elastic from the inside out.

    Step1: Apply proper amount evenly onto forehead, T-zone, cheeks and chin after lotion and essence
    Step2 : Massage gently until abosrved (lifting upward)

    Water, glycerin, squalane, yeast extract, beta-glucan, xanthan gum, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA root extract


    莹润活肤 ,嫩肤滋润,有效补水 ,保湿,打造水光肌的倍润霜。 

    修护暗哑干燥 ,肌肤变得净透,嫩滑 ,24小时补水保湿,彻底和暗沉粗糙SAY BYE。

    冰淇淋质地,细腻易吸收, 深层滋润不拓腻,焕现嫩滑 润透肌。 

    含解母精华、光果甘草等珍稀 精华成分,长时间坚持使用, 皮肤会由内而外的透亮Q弹。 

    1.于水、辆华使用后取适皿,均匀涂抹额头、 T区、两顺、下巴 
    2. 轻柔按摩直至吸收。(由下往上做提拉) 


    水、甘油、角鲨烷、酵母提取物、β-葡聚糖、黄原胶、尿囊素、透明质酸钠、光果甘草(GLYCYRRHIZA GLABRA)根提取物